Chillin on my boat

Hello from TNT!

I am born and raised in Mumbai, India.

I was 6 months old, when my parents took me on my first flight across the Atlantic .  Ever since,  I’ve been filled with a deep and inescapable necessity to travel. Every time I enter my city airport, there’s a sense of excitement, as i look forward to my new adventure.

I am fortunate to have had a global education, which has allowed me to live in Philadelphia, London and New York City. I work as a director of strategy and business development for a leading jewelry exports company. My work takes me across the globe too. I never miss an opportunity to travel on holiday with my husband, friends or family either.

After 25+ countries checked off on my “around the world list”, some how sitting behind a desk and reminiscing just didn’t cut it. For the love of travel and writing, sharing my experiences seemed inevitable. And so, with the good advice from a dear friend, The Necessary Traveller was born.

My travel style is really a mix of everything. I’m definitely not a backpacker or hostel kinda girl but I have taken trips ranging from “budget” to “uber luxury”. My trips are usually well paced and range from a couple of days to a couple of weeks not longer. Slow/ endless travel isn’t on my agenda just yet. Through this blog I would love to share with its readers, my recommendations on places to visit, hotels, restaurants, things to see & do and my travel experiences…. in the endeavor to make the world a smaller place. An avid guide book/travel blog/review reader myself, I know that trips are made easier with a little bit of planning and lots of recommendations. However of course, one shouldn’t undermine the importance of getting lost and exploring!

Getting around the site is easy. The pages you can browse through are:

  • the home page- watch out for my favorite featured posts on the slider.
  • the about page- which you are currently on, tells you about me and the site.
  • the posts page- which shows you all the latest stories.
  • the world in food page- outlining my culinary adventures.
  • the other travel ideas page- watch this monthly updated page for itinerary ideas, things on my wish list, cool places worth visiting and more….
  • the my city page- tells you about Mumbai, the fantastic and vibrant city i live in.
  • the around the world list page- shows you the places i have been too and those i still want to explore.

Other features on this blog include an easy search option, a sign up tool to follow the blog so that you never miss an update, a list of the destinations I have visited, a countdown to my next adventure, a list of authors (my friends and family will hopefully feature later) and my contact info. More stuff to be added as i go along!

So follow me as I wander the world….

Travel away!


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