Missing in Action….

It’s been too long! My last post was in early May (a photo essay about the Maldives) and since then i’ve been missing in action!

Its been a busy few months… Work, other commitments, family, wedding planning for my sister, brief ill health  and life at large has consumed me.  Thankfully, however, my time away from blogging hasn’t been devoid of travel.

Since i last wrote, i spent the better part of June in the USA- The Big Apple, Las vegas, Providence and Philadelphia. In July, i was roaming the Scottish Highlands in Edinburgh, Inverness & the Isle of Skye along with my favorite city, London. August was girly time, as a bachelorette trip to Hua Hin and Bangkok, in Thailand, had my head spinning.  September and October have been disappointing, with 2 cancelled trips due to ill health. One to Washington DC, NYC and Miami and the other to the Shangrila Muscat and Dubai (I hope to make these trips soon). But all is not lost, as November, December and January look promising with great plans in the offing both in India and abroad- 2 weddings in Goa, a Spa break in the Himalayas and a NYE 2014 trip that promises to be, quite literally, “WILD”.

I am also thrilled to have had the opportunity to write for what I consider one of the best travel magazines in the world: the Conde Nast Traveller Magazine, India Edition. Their October Anniversary issue has 2 articles by me- “What’s hot in Vegas” (pretty self explanatory) & Hail the world (a useful guide to taking Taxis in 9 major cities). It was a super fun experience with a wonderful & enthusiastic team. A special shout out to Divia Thani Daswani, Prasad Ramamurthy and Laura Griffith Jones for helping me accomplish my “writing for print” debut! Last but not least a big thank you to my supportive family, friends & readers- you know you are, for encouraging me to constantly put my adventures down on paper.

With a lot to write about & a promise to make the time to do so,

– T.N.T

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