Quintessential Central Europe

6 countries, 15 days, Fast-Paced Romance at its best!

It has always been romanticized in movies, books and stories. Enchanted castles, fallen dynasties, a dark Count, forbidden love affairs, secrets buried in rich history, there’s no scarcity of a compelling legend or reality. Add to that cobbled stone streets, medieval architecture and places frozen in time…. To most people who haven’t visited it, Central Europe seems like something from a fairy tale. Let me start off by saying that when it comes to fairy tales and romance, the heart of Europe exceeds every expectation you have of it. With nearly a 100 UNESCO world heritage sites, many more opera houses & museums, vibrant arts and culture, pristine landscape and big city excitement, there isn’t a traveller who wouldn’t find something to love here.

In 2011, after hearing many stories, my husband and I decided to take a vacation to Central Europe, to experience it first hand. It was a “lets just go” kind of decision, which meant we didn’t have time to plan for the best time of year etc. We decided to go there on our next available vacation time, which happened to be in the dead of winter- new years eve through the beginning of January. Undoubtedly apprehensive at first, while planning the trip choosing one, or 2, countries to dedicate 2 weeks to was becoming a challenge. On one hand, it seemed like we weren’t covering enough of what the country had to offer, while on the other hand it yet felt like we were spending too much time adding things to our list which we didn’t really want to do. So in the spirit of adventure we decided – why not do it all? Besides, the best way to stay warm in the cold is to keep moving! And so we picked 6 countries and consequently 6 of their best cities, which we felt would give us the feel of Central Europe.

I can now safely say it’s the best decision we made. Being there in the winter has a charm of its own…. The feeling of light snow coming down at a Christmas market in Berlin, the Charles Bridge engulfed in mist, riding a segway along the lonely banks of the Danube in Buda are all magical experiences.  The series of “Quintessential Central Europe” posts share details from our trip.

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